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Rare coin valuation

Do you know your coin's worth?

Do you have some ancient coins that you want to sell? You may find many buyers if you try to sell online but how do you know you are selling your coin for what it is worth? Be sure you know your coin's real worth before selling it to anyone. Never sell your coins without doing some research first! Here are some helpful tips to help you research before selling:

Know the history

Before you plan to sell the coin search the internet for its significance. Study the currency system of the country and evaluate its significance. See if it's currently in use.. If ancient, research how old it is. Is it kept in museums in the country of origin? If yes, expect more money for your coin.

Analyze the condition

If you have kept your coin sealed, your coin has a better chance of being in good condition and worth more. However, if your coin is dirty, damaged or worn, it may be difficult to sell. It’s not about shine and surface, but it's about the readability of its engraving. Your coin is much more valuable if it's in mint condition.

Get your coin evaluated

An authorized or slabbed coin usually sells for a greater amount. To avoid fake coin sellers in the market, there are some standards to authenticating a coin. Coin grading companies are responsible for authenticating and verifying your coin's worth.  By paying a small fee you can get your coin checked, verified and slabbed. This slabbed coin holder will now contain your coin and authentication stamp or proof. By having your coin slabbed it can raise the value of your coin.

Get Multiple Quotes

The biggest mistake people make is selling the coin after receiving the first offer. It is always important to get quotes from multiple companies before finalizing any deal. Find a trustworthy and reliable company and ask for an estimate. Dakota Coin & Precious Metals offer free estimates. Call 605-484-9788 to schedule your appointment today!